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SQL Accounting is a Good and Services Tax (GST) compliant business software tools.

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Benefits of Using

SQL Account

SQL Financial Accounting Core Modules
Complete modules with seamless integration.
True real time posting & editing.
User friendly source document entry interface.

Software Architecture designed for network environment, serving even up to 100 users in one network, with system speed maintain.

In event of power, network or hardware failure, incomplete transactions are automatically 'rolled back'

Data Integrity
Data never loss between linked modules when performing data posting action. Data integrity is always guaranteed.

Speed of Data Access
The server utility only sends what is needed to the workstations (eg. Specific customer and date), whereas a file based (basic database) will send ALL invoices

User Friendly
SQL is design with user friendly interface for users for all levels.

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Windows 8 Windows 32 bit Windows 64 bit
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